Your Virtual Varicose Veins Care Network

Ontario’s first network of vascular specialists and surgeons providing leading-edge care for varicose veins and chronic venous disease.

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How it Works

Instantly connect with our multidisciplinary team, for your diabetic foot care, from your phone, tablet, or computer

Step 1

Book an Appointment

Schedule an appointment with ownhealth at your convenience

Step 2

Virtual Consultation

Comprehensive telehealth assessment by a diabetic foot care specialist

Step 3

Personalized Care Plan

Our team will develop a longitudinal care plan for your diabetic foot health

Non-OHIP cardholders can also receive care at no charge as long as they are in Ontario.

NOTE: Non-OHIP cardholders can also receive care at no charge as long as they are in Ontario.

Access the ownhealth network for your patients' diabetic foot needs

We are a network of medicine specialists, surgeons and wound care providers, dedicated to the education and treatment of patients with diabetic foot disease

Our Services

At Own Health, we offer a full compliment of diagnostic and treatment modalities forvaricose veins and chronic venous disease. Hospital- and office-based interventionsare undertaken at geographically convenient locations across the GTA.

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Noninvasive vascular 
laboratory testing

Diabetic Foot Screen

Prevention of Diabetes-Related 
Complications, with Targeted
Risk Factor Modification

Comprehensive wound care

Revascularization for peripheral artery occlusive disease

Foot/ankle reconstruction

Surveillance diabetic foot care

Hyperbaric Oxygen TherapY

Noninvasive vascular 
laboratory testing (Ultrasound)

Compression stockings

Surgical vein excision
(“vein stripping”)

Endovenous Laser (EVLT) and
Chemical (VenaSeal) Ablation



Ownhealth’s virtual platform is supported by a network of physical sites, which provide geographically convenient locations when diagnostics, in-person wound care, and/or surgical interventions become necessary.