Surgical Vein Excision

Also known as "Vein Stripping", surgical removal of diseased veins has been performed for over a century.  Over the past decade, endovenous ablation has largely replaced traditional open surgical treatment.  This technique, however, remains a viable therapeutic option in certain circumstances, mainly depending on anatomy of the problem vein, and history of previous vein inflammation.

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The Process

Surgical vein excision is typically performed in a hospital setting, under general anesthesia.  An incision is made at the junction between the diseased surface vein and the underlying deep vein, commonly in the groin.  A counter incision is also necessary in the lower leg.  The problem vein is then detached and removed (stripped) between these two sites.  Removal of individual varicose veins is performed simultaneously, through tiny nicks in the skin.

After vein stripping, pain, bruising and swelling are common.  In general, these symptoms last between 3-4 weeks.  Return to regular activities can occur approxi-mately 2 weeks following the procedure.

Surgical vein excision is covered under OHIP, in certain circumstances. Speak to an Own Health vein specialist to find out if you qualify.

How It Works

(As seen in the Image above)
(As seen in the Image on left)
Step 1
General anesthetic administered
Step 2
Incision made in groin, with counter incision at knee
Step 3
Vein detached at junction with deep vein (so-called “high ligation”)
Step 4
Vein removed (so-called “stripping”) between groin and knee wounds
Step 5
Varicose veins individually removed through tiny puncture wounds (micro phlebectomy)

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