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Pioneering a
New Standard in
Limb Preservation Care

Pioneering a New Standard in Limb Preservation Care

Welcome to Own Health, where our commitment to Limb Preservation Care sets a new standard in healthcare excellence. Serving communities across Canada, we are dedicated to making specialty services accessible and affordable for everyone, regardless of their location or socio-economic status.
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Canada's vascular health epidemic

Diabetic foot ulcers

Canada is estimated to have from 77,600 to 116,400 patients with DFUs at any time.
25% of Ontario's $1.6B in diabetes costs are related to diabetic foot ulcers alone.
The in-patient cost of DFUs is $22,754 ($48,808 if amputation is required) (Toronto-figure).
Once a patient has a DFU, 1/3 develop an infection within the first 12 weeks.
The 5-year survival rate of DFUs is 55%. (Worse than most cancers)

Venous ulcers

Venous ulcers occur at a rate of 1 per 1000 of Canadians.
Up to $912M is spent annually in Canada to treat leg ulcers.
30% of patients experience more than 10 venous leg ulcer episodes in their lifetime.
Despite improvements in care, 20% of venous wounds remain unhealed at 12 months.
55% of healed venous ulcers will recur after 1 year.

Our mission

Own Health stands as more than just a provider; we are a strategic partner in revolutionizing vascular health — particularly in managing the complexities of diabetic foot ulcers and peripheral vascular diseases.

Our consultancy in vascular health expertise is specifically designed to meet the immediate and long-term needs of each community’s unique healthcare landscape.

By integrating our services, we aim to develop  immediate vascular solutions while embedding our technology and expertise for sustained success and prevention of recurrent  limb-threatening conditions.
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Why partner with Own Health?

Expert providers
Our team comprises specialists with expertise in various aspects of limb preservation. In the last year alone, we have prevented 250 major leg amputations, showcasing our proficiency in saving limbs and improving lives.
Advanced technology
Our unique technology solution empowers both providers and patients with customized value-based care plans. This approach has successfully reduced the average duration of home care wound pathways from 180 to 60 days.
Custom implementation
We believe in the power of integration. Our services are designed for seamless implementation in any community, utilizing existing infrastructure and local providers to avoid unnecessary expenses while maximizing efficiency and care quality.
Proven impact
Our platform has already demonstrated remarkable results in communities such as  Mississauga, Halton, North Toronto, Huntsville, Bracebridge, St. Catherine’s and beyond. We've transformed the existing paradigm of limb preservation care, demonstrating significant improvements in patient outcomes and positive economic impact to our community partners.