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Dr. Asem Saleh

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Dr. Asem Saleh is a highly regarded vascular surgeon based in Ontario, Canada. He is affiliated with Humber River Hospital, where he brings his extensive training and expertise in the field of vascular surgery. Dr. Saleh has a special interest in lower limb preservation and provides both surgical and office-based therapies for these conditions.

His clinical practice is comprehensive, covering a wide range of vascular diseases. Dr. Saleh's approach includes outcomes based management and he is proficient in various hospital- and clinic-based therapies. His focus on limb preservation and lower extremity revascularization is particularly notable, utilizing leading-edge techniques to deliver optimal patient care.

In addition to his clinical duties, Dr. Saleh is an assistant lecturer at the University of Toronto, contributing to the education and training of medical students and future surgeons. His role in academia highlights his commitment not only to patient care but also to the advancement of medical knowledge and practices in vascular surgery.