Revolutionizing Limb Preservation Care

About Own Health

Welcome to Own Health, where our mission is to redefine healthcare through innovative limb preservation and value-based care. We specialize in preventing lower limb health issues that often result in expensive and life-altering medical procedures. Our approach not only saves costs for provinces and insurance companies but also significantly improves the quality of life for patients.
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Our vision

At Own Health, we envision a healthcare system where value-based care is the norm, not the exception.

We are dedicated to shifting the focus from reactive to proactive care, particularly in the realm of lower limb health. Our comprehensive strategies target the prevention and early intervention of vascular complications, especially those arising from diabetes and peripheral arterial diseases.

Why choose Own Health?

Preventative focus
We believe in addressing health issues before they escalate. Our preventive care strategies significantly reduce the need for expensive surgeries and treatments, translating to considerable cost savings for both provincial healthcare systems and insurance companies.
Expertise in limb preservation
Our team comprises renowned specialists in limb preservation. We leverage cutting-edge technology and evidence-based practices to deliver exceptional care that drastically reduces the rates of amputation and associated complications.
Value-based care
Our model is built around the concept of value-based care – prioritizing patient outcomes over volume of services. This approach aligns with the financial interests of provinces and insurance companies, ensuring that healthcare spending is both effective and economical.
Customized solutions
We understand that each community has unique healthcare needs. Our services are adaptable and can be seamlessly integrated into existing healthcare frameworks, ensuring that even remote or under-served areas have access to top-tier limb preservation care.
Data-driven decision making
We harness the power of data analytics to inform our strategies, ensuring that our interventions are both targeted and effective. This approach enables us to continually refine our services and deliver optimal patient outcomes.
Partnership approach
We believe in the power of collaboration. By working alongside provincial health teams and insurance providers, we create cohesive strategies that benefit all stakeholders – patients, providers, and payers.

Looking forward

A healthier tomorrow through value-based limb preservation care.

As we continue to grow and evolve, our goal remains steadfast – to transform healthcare delivery through value-based care and specialized limb preservation services. We are committed to working with provinces and insurance companies across Canada, driving change and making a lasting impact on healthcare economics and patient well-being.
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