Compression Therapy

Compression therapy, with support stockings, is the most commonly used treatment for symptomatic varicose veins, and associated swelling. Unfortunately, compression therapy may provide incomplete symptom relief, and this treatment alone will not reverse vein disease or varicose veins.  This modality is typically recommended in conjunction with other lifestyle modifications including weight loss, exercise and leg elevation whenever possible.

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The Process

The goal of compression treatment is to compensate for elevated pressure within diseased veins, caused by back flow and pooling of blood.  The pressure required to compress superficial leg veins ranges from 20 to 40 mmHg, reflected in the varying grades of support stockings.

Compression stockings are frequently recommended as an adjunct treatment immediately following endovenous ablation procedures.  For specific instructions please visit our Patient Resources section, or speak to an Own Health vein specialist.

Compression therapy is also the mainstay of treatment for patients with lower extremity chronic venous insufficiency, manifesting as stasis ulcers (venous wounds).  More aggressive compression is typically required in these instances, necessitating use of compression wraps or bandages.  At Own Health, our team of vein specialists provide comprehensive therapeutics, including wound care, and coordinate dressing changes through a network of hospital-based clinics and community nursing sup-ports.

In Ontario, compression stockings are covered by most insurance programs.  Contact your health insurance provider or speak to an Own Health representative for details.

How It Works

(As seen in the Image on left)
(As seen in the Image above)
Step 1
Prescription provided by vein specialist
Step 2
An Own Health team member will take individual measurements of your legs
Step 3
Custom fit stockings will be supplied, or ordered if necessary
Step 4
Stockings worn during daytime hours, on a regular basis

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