Non-Invasive Vascular
Testing (Ultrasound)

Ultrasound is recommended as the first-line diagnostic test for patients with varicose veins or suspected chronic venous disease.  This testing will inform decision-making regarding therapeutic options, and enable formulation of a personalized care plan.

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The Process

Duplex ultrasound involves scanning the deep and surface leg veins, to evaluate for malfunctioning valves, and back flow of blood - so-called “reflux”.  It is also important to assess for Deep Venous Thrombosis (DVT), which may preclude therapy for diseased surface veins.  Vascular ultrasound is safe, non-invasive and reliable.

Ownhealth is affiliated with numerous geographically convenient vascular imaging laboratories across the GTA.  Our team will coordinate diagnostic evaluation at a location near you.

We are rapidly expanding our affiliated clinics throughout the province of Ontario.
We are working to provide comprehensive vein care to all Ontarians.

Own Health virtual platform is supported by a network of physical sites, which provide geographically convenient locations when diagnostics, in-person wound care, and/or surgical interventions become necessary.